Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

The philosophy of Body AestheticareĀ is to have a holistic and comprehensive approach to cosmetic work. Operations like breast enlargement or reduction, liposuction or abdominoplasty are changing the body image of our patients and they should be performed only when appropriate history taking and imaging is performed, considering that every surgery can potentially interfere with the follow up.

The Surgeons - Mr Riccardo Bonomi

Cosmetic reconstruction surgeon Mr Riccardo BonomiMr Riccardo Bonomi is an Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Consultant Surgeon and Lead Clinician for Western Sussex Hospital Foundation Trust, Worthing Hospital. He has been trained in General Surgery with interest in Oncology Surgery in Italy, achieving the equivalent CCST in 2000 at the University of Insubria.

Riccardo moved to the UK to join the Royal Marsden in Sutton, practising there from 2004 to 2007. In 2007 he became a substantive Consultant Breast Surgeon in Worthing Hospital and worked for six years in the regional breast screening programme obtaining a post graduate certificate in ultrasound and interventional ultrasound guided procedure on breast. His main fields of interest are oncoplastic breast conservative surgery, risk reducing surgery, breast reconstruction with implant and autologous pedicle flap.

Trained in Lyon to perform lipomodeling as part as autologous breast reconstruction by Mr Delay and Mr Toussoun, Riccardo has keen interest in teaching and from July 2015 is a member of the Faculty for The Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and ADM Reconstruction Course at King’s College of London. In September 2014 he has been nominated the Clinical Lead for Breast Sub-specialty at London Deanery Higher Skills Program Imperial College of London.

He is now Ordinary Member of the Board of the British Association of Surgical Oncology

The Surgeons - Mr Gilles Tousson

Mr Gilles Tousson - plastic and cosmetic surgeonMr Gilles Toussoun is a Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Consultant Surgeon. He achieved with distinction his specialty in Plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Italy, achieving the equivalent CCST in 2006 at the University of Pavia.

Gilles moved to the France to join the Centre Leon Berard, one of the most renowned Breast Surgery Centres in the city of Lyon, practicing there from 2006 to 2016.

In 2009 he became a substantive Plastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Consultant Surgeon at the Centre Leon Berard, in the unit lead by Mr Emmanuel Delay, where he mastered the most advanced and modern techniques for the treatment of congenital breast abnormality, cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery and fat graft for cosmetic and reconstructive purpose.

His interests are also post bariatric surgery (sagging arms and legs ), cosmetic tummy tuck, body sculpturing, face rejuvination and fillers.

He is author of several papers in these fields, published in prestigious medicalĀ journals.